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#SCS 2.28.16

It’s Sunday, and you know what that means?

A fun singer we are crushing on today is Renata Scotto, in the role of Lauretta from Puccini’s Il Tabarro trilogy, “Gianni Schicchi”. The young Lauretta is pleading with her father to allow her to marry Rinuccio, the love of her life. Scotto sings a glorious ‘O mio babbino caro’ (‘O my beloved papa’), with great acting that’s perfect for the character and makes it clear that if he does not oblige she will throw herself off of the Ponte Vecchio, the famed bridge of Florence, into the river.

With a modern twist: Lauretta’s dad takes away her iPhone, iPad, and all internet access for a week and she is devastated because her new boyfriend just started texting regularly.

What is a girl to do…

Well, sing an aria poignantly, of course.


#SCS: Singer Crush Sunday

Well, first there was a “Man Crush Monday”, and then came along a “Woman Crush Wednesday”, so now we at JACOPERA thought today, why not a “Singer Crush Sunday”?

From now into infinity, we will be sharing various videos and YouTube links from the Golden Age of singing, every Sunday.

Feel free to send us your suggestions, comments, and conversations OR join them as you wish on the linked YouTube channels.

To start us off this Sunday, we present the one and only Shirley Verrett, or as she is known, “the voice that could sing almost anything”…

For an extra treat, Pavarotti himself is included in the video singing, “Di Quella Pira”

Enjoy, diva darlings!


The Shrine

IMG_2541The Metropolitan Opera House, New York City, Feb. 2014

Good evening, all!

We thought it would be fitting to put this picture on our site as one of the first posts.  Since we are Opera Singers, there are a few places we deem as “shrines.”  Not surprisingly, they are really just what everyone else calls Opera Houses.  The Metropolitan Opera in NYC and La Scala in Milan are just a few of these beloved shrines.  Visiting the Shrine frequently is a must for all divas.

Some people have religion, some have science, we have Opera.

Welcome & we hope you enjoy our blog!

~ J, A, & C