Today is a cause for celebrations!


We excitedly have a few fun announcements to make.


1. We were featured on Classical Singer‘s Auditions Plus blog today!   You can read the article here:

The article excerpts one of our very first posts, TRUE DIVAS10 ways you know you are being TOO operatic in your everyday life (in which you know you are a true #DIVA)… 



2. Joma Music Group, who produced “Flowers Falling” by Anastasia Tillett & Tais Szilagi, sent our review of the duet into the world of Twitter.  If you missed the review, you can read it here:

Make sure you listen to the duet on Soundcloud:

I guarantee that your soul will benefit from hearing that serene tune.


3. Last, but certainly not least, we have a birthday girl!  The “A” in JACOPERA, our very own Anastasia Rege, is celebrating her birthday today.  Ana, I promise to sing  you an operatic “Happy Birthday” when I see you on Friday, but for now, a “Happy Birthday” in the JACOPERA colors will do.  Tanti Auguri, diva!

Buona notte, tutti,


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