Scala Encore

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What magic!

Last night… on January 24th, 2016, at La Scala, a rarity occurred. The Rigoletto (Leo Nucci), who’s done the role over 500 times, and Gilda (Nadine Sierra), who debuted last month at The Metropolitan Opera in New York City (which I had the great pleasure to see), did an encore of the cabaletta from their second act duet. It was a very special moment.

A regular Italian opera-goer that one of us sat next to cried with excitement that she’s been to so many operas in 20 years and has never seen that!

Of course, she wouldn’t have, because this was the first Verdi encore sung at Scala since Riccardo Muti repeated ‘Va, pensiero’ in Nabucco in 1988, according to Scala archives.

Very special, indeed.

It was incredible to be there for this performance and to feel the excitement in the audience. That’s why we go to the opera, for experiences like these and for the stories, that you can’t wait to tell.

~ Jennie


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