#SCS: Singer Crush Sunday

Well, first there was a “Man Crush Monday”, and then came along a “Woman Crush Wednesday”, so now we at JACOPERA thought today, why not a “Singer Crush Sunday”?

From now into infinity, we will be sharing various videos and YouTube links from the Golden Age of singing, every Sunday.

Feel free to send us your suggestions, comments, and conversations OR join them as you wish on the linked YouTube channels.

To start us off this Sunday, we present the one and only Shirley Verrett, or as she is known, “the voice that could sing almost anything”…

For an extra treat, Pavarotti himself is included in the video singing, “Di Quella Pira”

Enjoy, diva darlings!


Even Divas Get a Day Off

How exciting is it that you will all be able to hear about Jennie’s experiences while she is living in Milan for the next year and a half!?  I’m SO unbelievably proud of her for taking this step in her career.

I would love to be able to report to you that I sang in the Classical Singer competition, did an amazing job, and I am moving forward to the second round.

HOWEVER, Winter Storm Jonas reared its ugly head, wreaking havoc on the East Coast, causing the competition to be cancelled (and rescheduled to a date not chosen yet).

What does a Diva do under these circumstances?  Here I was, ready to perform my heart out, and instead I am left with 2 feet of snow.  So, I called up my friends in the neighborhood and proceeded to put music aside for a moment.  Snow angels, sledding, and snowball fights took the place of singing for a weekend.  As much as I like to stand on my soapbox and brag about being highly disciplined when it comes to practicing my craft, it is also good for a Diva to take a break every now and then to recharge.  After all: work hard, play harder seems to be the phrase that New Yorkers love most.

Fellow East Coasters – leave comments on this post and tell me how you spent your snowy weekend!



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Fishnet Stockings

Hi all, Christina, here.  I will be singing in a concert on Friday evening.  Here are the details for my performance at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF).

What: “X Marks the Sirens” written by composer Mike McFerron

Where: Abrons Arts Center on the Lower East Side of Manhattan

Directions can be found here:
When: Friday, June 6th evening concert (Concert 21), which is from 8pm – 10pm.
Tickets: $18 (discounted to $12 for students and seniors)
Information on purchasing tickets can be found here:
Concert preparation must be taken very seriously.  A diva needs to make sure she has the correct gown, shoes, and accessories to partner with her musical artistry.   There is no reason, of course, not to pamper oneself during this period of preparation.  So, when I decided I needed my nails to match the gown I will be wearing on Friday night, I grabbed two friends and we went for manicures in Midtown.  It is important to like what you do and do what you like.
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Fishnet Stockings

California Coral

Ignite the Night

~ C