Even Divas Get a Day Off

How exciting is it that you will all be able to hear about Jennie’s experiences while she is living in Milan for the next year and a half!?  I’m SO unbelievably proud of her for taking this step in her career.

I would love to be able to report to you that I sang in the Classical Singer competition, did an amazing job, and I am moving forward to the second round.

HOWEVER, Winter Storm Jonas reared its ugly head, wreaking havoc on the East Coast, causing the competition to be cancelled (and rescheduled to a date not chosen yet).

What does a Diva do under these circumstances?  Here I was, ready to perform my heart out, and instead I am left with 2 feet of snow.  So, I called up my friends in the neighborhood and proceeded to put music aside for a moment.  Snow angels, sledding, and snowball fights took the place of singing for a weekend.  As much as I like to stand on my soapbox and brag about being highly disciplined when it comes to practicing my craft, it is also good for a Diva to take a break every now and then to recharge.  After all: work hard, play harder seems to be the phrase that New Yorkers love most.

Fellow East Coasters – leave comments on this post and tell me how you spent your snowy weekend!



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