About Us

We are Jennie, Anastasia, and Christina. We make up JACOPERA: One mezzo. Two sopranos. Modern Divas. Our goal is to make opera tangible, relevant, and accessible to American audiences. We were formerly #POSHIESNYC, but now revamped and reinvented we would like to share how we came to be so here is a bit of our history.

A Sharp Note

“Hashtag: Posh” or as we know it: an eighth sharp note.

What is “poshies” exactly?

It started as an inside joke. Jen and Chrissy would say “hashtag: posh” whenever one of them did something they thought was high-class while living in New York City.  The hashtag looks serendipitously similar to the sharp symbol used in music, and the “p” could easily be replaced with an eighth note, and so it seemed extra appropriate for these Opera singing divas to combine the two together.  Jen’s brother Justin suggested that we start a blog cataloging our adventures, and the idea began.  Chrissy knew Ana from graduate school, and the two struggled together as gracefully and as posh as possible through the trials and tribulations of a Master’s degree in Vocal Performance.  They all came together to create this fun blog, capturing life as young artists with NYC, SF, and the world as their playground.

Yours Truly,

~ J, A, & C

We are #jacopera

Making opera tangible, accessible, and relevant.

“Live a life worth singing about.”

Thanks for visiting!

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