#SCS 4.03.16

So, today’s Singer Crush Sunday is short and sweet because of the electrifying excitement from the success of our diva this week (check out Kara Smoot, here).

We had to, just had to, feature two greats: the soprano Montserrat Caballé and mezzo-soprano Marylin Horne singing the Barcarolle from Les contes d‘Hoffman, “Belle nuit ô nuit d’amour” by Jacques Offenbach.  In this concert edition, circa 1990 (thankfully, the over-sparkled singer fashion of the time has changed since), the divinas both come out hand in hand swinging and smiling ready to sing.  The delight and pure joy is of course, timeless, and as you can hear is contagious to the audience. 

Believe me when we say that though there maybe reports of “diva tendencies” backstage, this is generally how we react to other singers onstage, and off!  

With one look: “it’s time to PLAY!”


Goodnight, fellow Divas and Divini. Until next week! 🙂


Today is a cause for celebrations!


We excitedly have a few fun announcements to make.


1. We were featured on Classical Singer‘s Auditions Plus blog today!   You can read the article here: http://www.auditionsplus.com/blog/?p=3251

The article excerpts one of our very first posts, TRUE DIVAS10 ways you know you are being TOO operatic in your everyday life (in which you know you are a true #DIVA)… 



2. Joma Music Group, who produced “Flowers Falling” by Anastasia Tillett & Tais Szilagi, sent our review of the duet into the world of Twitter.  If you missed the review, you can read it here: http://jacopera.com/2016/02/13/opera-unplugged/

Make sure you listen to the duet on Soundcloud:


I guarantee that your soul will benefit from hearing that serene tune.


3. Last, but certainly not least, we have a birthday girl!  The “A” in JACOPERA, our very own Anastasia Rege, is celebrating her birthday today.  Ana, I promise to sing  you an operatic “Happy Birthday” when I see you on Friday, but for now, a “Happy Birthday” in the JACOPERA colors will do.  Tanti Auguri, diva!

Buona notte, tutti,