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All good things come in circles.

Our calling card, we’ll call you.

As any modern Operatic Diva should be, we are also social Divas. Take a look at our other adventures online via Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, and any other well connected service that we can create a web account. We love emails, but we do prefer to hear your voice, too, in person.

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Live a life worth singing about.
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Get glam, divas! 

As any performer on the opera stages of the world would require, we need quality make-up and mascara, both on-stage and off-stage. We are here to help you get the glamour and beauty you deserve by nurturing, inspiring, and connecting with your inner light, or as we like to say “the only light”.

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Make beauty from your light.

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Sit back and enjoy the show. 

As any real Diva would admit, we like it when people clap for us. We also have many states of emotions that we have to sort through on a daily (okay, hourly) basis. We have a feeling that you do too, so join us. Become a #diva. Learn about JACOPERA. Or stay for a laugh or two while sipping your tea, and browse.

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Sit back and enjoy the show.

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