#SCS 4.10.16

Sunday Sweetness!

We would like to feature a well-loved Romanian soprano and our teacher from the Mediterranean Opera Studio (MOS), the brilliant and beautiful, Nelly Miricioiu.  The moment each of us (Christina, Carolyn, Kara, Jennie, and in fact every other participant of MOS) met her we found the sentiment to be the exact same: “Nelly is Ah-MAZING!” We felt like her best friend, long-time student, adoring fan, and confidant even after having only one lesson.  Simply being in her presence could make you feel at ease.  She had this same loving and generous energy for every impressionable singer that walked into her studio.  She also had this unique identification of vocal and personal energy, and where to direct it, which is one of the most important attributes a singer can learn on their journey to becoming an artist.  In the below clip, “A life for Art”, it is apparent that Nelly has the artistry and poise that is recognizable in all of her performances and in the definitive quality of her voice.

The other important quality that we were in awe of, was not only her voice and her teaching style, but her humility.  It was this very reply that drew us into wanting to know more when she would say about her recordings, “oh, I’m glad there is record of it.  I remember that moment well,” the wistful look in her eye was enough to imagine her on the stage in another time, another place, and another world.  Such beauty cannot be contained, and must be shared.  It is such a moment that, singers, artists, and readers alike can attain to achieving: to have the heart for things unseen.

Brava, Diva, and Thank You, sweet, Nelly.

~ Jennie

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