Kara Smoot, Diva

JACOPERA needs to give a shout-out to Kara Smoot, a soprano and dear friend, who just made her professional operatic debut!

Kara, Jennie, and Christina all met at the Mediterranean Opera Studio in 2014 in Sicily. Christina was walking through the Catania airport upon arrival and spotted a brunette sitting alone studying her music, obviously a fellow diva. Christina went up to Kara and said,”MOS?” Kara looked up and smiled (probably relieved to have found someone else in the program so she wouldn’t be lost in the airport forever…), and the rest is history. The three, along with fourth singer Carolyn Forte, were inseparable during the three-week intensive in Caltagirone, Sicily.


Jennie, Carolyn, Christina, and Kara in Caltagirone at MOS.


Christina, Kara, and Jennie at the Empire Hotel in NYC  (Carolyn was singing Mimi in Colorado, #diva).

On Thursday evening, Kara made her professional debut as Ines in Verdi’s Il Trovatore with the San Antonio Symphony, co-sponsored by Opera San Antonio. We are SO proud of her, and are sending “toi toi toi” from NYC and Italy for this evening’s second performance at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts at 8pm. We know you will crush it, girl!  In the words of Queen Bey: “Cuz I slay.”


Kara is on the left, in bright blue, lighting up the stage during opening night on 3/31 in San Antonio, Texas.


Once you become a friend with another singer, you are friends for life, on the same path, always together, onward and upward, no matter where the stage takes you.

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