#SCS 3.20.16

Happy Spring!

It’s Sunday, yes, but it is also the first day of the year that we get ready for flowers blooming, for love blossoming, and for new beginnings… and what place do we think of during this happy-glowing time, that embodies all of these very things?  Why, Paris, of course!

Je t’aime, mes amis!

It just so happens that our pick for this week is Juan Diego Flórez singing Tonio’s tempest tenor aria, “Ah! Mes Amis” from La fille du regimentwhich brilliantly displays a man at the height of love and has nine high C’s (and an optional 10th) to prove it.  La fille du regiment is a supremely French opéra comique in two acts by Gaetano Donizetti (1797-1848) that was written while he was living in Paris, with a French libretto by Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges (1799-1875) and Jean-François Bayard (1796-1853).  It is very possible they could have all had a real French girl in mind when writing such an aria, perhaps!

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.28.04 PM.png

With a modern twist: If your an 80’s child, think John Cusack’s character in “Say Anything” with his boom box high over his shoulders.  If you relate more to the 90’s, think Tom Hanks in “Sleepless in Seattle” as he travels across the states to New York City, or for the millennials, think of Ryan Gosling’s rainy kiss in “The Notebook.”  That about says it all.

Feel that love, boys and girls.



Translation from Aria Database:



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