#SCS 3.13.16


Good evening all,

I saw the one and only, Plácido Domingo, last night in I due Foscari at La Scala and waited to meet him backstage.  It was a wonderful night to hear him sing live, but also to be in his presence and have the opportunity to tell him how much I admired him.  I had attended the press conference for the opera a few weeks ago in which he shared clips of his past performances (Hear sample here).  It was awe-inspiring to hear him speak because you can just tell how much love he has for his art and for the people around him, listening intently to his every word.  So, of course, it is only natural to pick him as today’s crush. 

Though instead of a traditional opera aria, this piece is from a Zarzuela!  It is a Spanish lyric-dramatic genre that is similar to operetta.  It alternates between spoken and sung scenes incorporating operatic and popular song, as well as dance, as seen in this particular song.  Dressed in Spanish folkloric costume, Maestro Plácido sings the tenor aria, “Te quiero morena”, from El trust de los tenorios by Carlos Arniches (1866-1943) and Enrique García Álvarez (1873-1931), in which he proclaims to the object of his desire: “I love you, dark-haired girl, I love you!”… Listen for the familiar trills that are typical in Spanish music, and in opera, then wait for the big finish with the orchestra and the high note (not that high for Mr. Domingo) at the end to capture the lighthearted, yet dramatic, theme.



With a modern twist: Blondes may have more fun, but you’ll never forget a brunette… If this doesn’t get you in the mood to get in the kitchen, cook some paella, and serve up a pitcher of sangria, there are about 25 other songs on the list that should do it.

(Click for more…)

Happy Sunday! Olé!




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