Day: March 1, 2016


Happy March!

We, JACOPERA, are giving back once again!

In 2015, we gave U.S. Veterans complimentary tickets to our January 2016 concert. We wanted to give them the gift of music for sacrificing so much for our country. We were pleased that 13 veterans arrived at the performance, and many had never heard opera before. It was wonderful to sing for them and meet them!

Now, we are continuing our trend. There is an organization called MusiCorps ( that helps wounded warriors during their time in rehabilitation. The soldiers work with professional musicians and learn to play and perform music during their recovery process, which can sometimes be very long. Music helps to bring happiness back into the lives of these soldiers and can help them recover from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). In addition, MusiCorps has a Wounded Warrior Band that has played with Yo-Yo Ma, Sheryl Crow, and others at venues such as the Kennedy Center and Madison Square Garden.

In order to support this organization and once again show our respect for our troops, 30% of all profits during the month of March from our online shop will be donated to MusiCorps.

You can find the link to our online store here:

Feel free to share with your friends and family, and let us know if you have any questions or requests (we can customize)!


We are excited to support such an amazing cause!

All the best,

Jennie, Anastasia, and Christina