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Master Class



As many of you have heard by now, Meryl Streep has been cast to play Maria Callas in the upcoming movie, “Master Class,” which is based on a play of the same name by Terrence McNally.  The play had its Broadway premiere in 1995, with Zoe Caldwell giving a Tony-award winning performance as Callas.  I couldn’t be more excited for this movie, since I have the utmost respect for Meryl Streep, and I adore Maria Callas and view her as the quintessential diva.

I was trained as an actress before I became serious about music, and to see an actress like Meryl Streep cast in this role makes me think that Hollywood made the right choice.  Streep is a true artist and a true poshie.  I would love to know the method she uses in which she develops her characters and what process she goes through to create each character’s speech patterns, gestures, and motivations.  She is so effective and believable each time I have seen her on screen, and I’m excited to see how she creates Callas.  A legend portraying a legend.

Callas was passionate about opera and I imagine Streep feels the same way about acting.  Callas set the bar high for herself with a high level of performance and allowed her artistry and precise preparation to take over her whole being once on the stage.  I am looking forward to seeing Streep transform into this poshie, La Divina, Maria Callas (preferably in the movie theater on 84th and Broadway, because it has comfortable reclining seats).  If you haven’t already, listen to anything Maria Callas today.  It is good for your soul.


True Divas


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10 ways you know you are being TOO operatic in your everyday life (in which you know you are a true #DIVA)…

1.) Blocking.

You use your hands to describe every detail of your story and blame it on your Italian roots, even though you only speak it poetically and your ancestors were Eastern European.

2.) Stage Laugh.

You are seriously laughing louder and more high pitched than anyone else in your vicinity only because you know it may get you noticed, by an agent.

3.) Philanthropy.

Your family, friends, and co-workers constantly ask you to sing for them for free and on the spot. You do it not only because they don’t need to ask, but because you really understand that more followers means more fans, means more people at your concerts, and in general more support on Facebook, so everybody wins. Keep it to a short 5 second phrase, then smile.

4.) The Glare.

You use double fingers to point and use major eye contact regularly to hail a cab or show the delivery boy you mean business while indicating the location of the water cooler, across the room.

5.) Score.

The first thing that you do when you get an offer to sing a role is to track down a lightly used,  already broken in paperback of said opera and the second is to promptly sing a G6, even while walking solo in the subway.

6.) Play the game.

You understand that when someone asks you what a “coaching” is, and why you have to pay for it, you must make it relevant and you politely respond, “it’s like the casting couch for Hollywood, but without the couch.”

7.) Home Stretch.

While humming your audition arias to yourself rather loudly, someone of course loves it and blurts out, “why don’t you try out for so-and-so reality show?”  You pause and say: “I am not trying to be famous. I am, an Opera Singer.”

8.) Standards.

Your eye always goes to the most expensive dish on the menu, or to the most fabulous article of clothing in the store.  Divas have a knack for recognizing quality.  It is a blessing, and a curse.

9.) Parallels.

You notice that your life has the same scenes as various operas.  For example, you debate if you are better off having a carefree and fun single life or if it is also worth it to fall in love.  You excitedly sing an expressive coloratura passage and run outside to meet Alfredo…or…whatever his name is, but then lament for over a half hour how much you really loved him over brunch with the girls.

10.) The Drama.

You know that you didn’t choose Opera, it chose you. Every. Single. Day.


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School’s Out

First of all, I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who attended my performance last Friday evening at the New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival.  It was a huge success, and having all of you in the audience was wonderful.  We could not do what we do without the audience, and I am very thankful to have shared that performance with such an amazing one!


Last Saturday, I put music aside and attended the 15th annual School’s Out benefit for the Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI) in East Hampton.  HMI is an organization that supports LGBTQ youth ages 13 – 24 and their families, with the belief that “…all young people, regardless of sexual orientation or identity, deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve their full potential.”  The organization raised over $200,000 at the event, which will go directly to their outreach programs.





Myself and my gorgeous cousin Tricia 🙂



photoArmani Exchange provided the goodie bags and ic! Berlin gave away sunglasses to all the guests. A posh time was had by all and for a good cause – there is nothing better.

~ C



p.s.  Our #poshie Jen flew to Italy today to sing for two months in both Rome and Sicily.  I will join her in Sicily in July, and we will write about our adventures from Italia so stay tuned!